• Ray Eye with fall gobblers

    Gobbler Yelpin’

    Gobbler yelpin’. It’s something that nobody ever talked about, at least in modern times, except for Ray Eye. He put two and two together while he was...

  • Ray_Films_Chop2

    One Last Crack at Ole’ Chop Gobble

    Ray Eye has never been one to name turkeys and he always avoids thinking that any given gobbler is somehow special. Ray’s world is the turkey’s world,...

  • HankinsLead

    Excited Calling Pays off for Brett Hankins

    As part of our ongoing discussions with turkey hunters, we’ve been getting some great notes from hunters who describe the situation they were in, what happened, and...

This time, it’s all about kids and deer hunting!

We start by dispelling the notion that Ray Eye is “just a turkey guy.” Tony and Mark urged Ray to talk about his deep background in deer hunting, including many years of scouting and placing stands for media hunts, where he invited writers and TV producers from all the major magazines and shows.

Then, Ray presents a short seminar on whitetail deer hunting. It’s awesome stuff… including the secret to keeping deer moving through your hunting area at midday! Read More

Would you be surprised to learn that Ray Eye would choose fall turkey hunting over spring hunting, if forced to choose? And would you get excited if you knew that learning to call fall gobblers is the greatest thing you can do to improve spring turkey hunting success?

Let’s get busy… this episode is presented seminar style, starting with Ray teaching you about the four types of turkeys you’ll encounter during the fall hunting season. From there, he teaches you how to understand them, and call them in with consistency. Read More

It’s a jam-packed show this week, starting with Ray and Tony talking about Terry and Mark Drury’s new deer hunting TV show, Thirteen, a teaching show that Ray raves about. Then we bring Terry Drury on to talk about it.

Then, Ray talks fall turkey hunting with Ron Magnano, who uses turkey dogs to pursue fall gobblers. The dogs target gobblers, scatter them, then sit off to the side quietly during the recall process. Magnano trains his dogs to find turkeys, rush in and scatter them, and bark while doing it. GPS tracking collars allow him to pinpoint the exact spot of the breakup. Then, he chooses a setup position from there.

Ron had Ray at “fall gobblers,” so this is a great conversation.

Next up, Ray talks with his friend Will Jimeno, a first responder who was pinned in the rubble of the World Trade Center towers on 9-11. A member of the Port Authority Police force, Jimeno was buried alive for 13 hours after bravely going in as chaos erupted when planes were flown into the towers. Read More