Eyes Podcast #6: Focus on Fall Turkey Hunting

Would you be surprised to learn that Ray Eye would choose fall turkey hunting over spring hunting, if forced to choose? And would you get excited if you knew that learning to call fall gobblers is the greatest thing you can do to improve spring turkey hunting success?

Let’s get busy… this episode is presented seminar style, starting with Ray teaching you about the four types of turkeys you’ll encounter during the fall hunting season. From there, he teaches you how to understand them, and call them in with consistency.

If you’ve heard that fall turkeys don’t call much, and that you cannot target fall gobblers with calling, your world is about to turn upside down! Ray points out that he actually calls more in the fall than in spring.

* On this show, you’ll learn how to call fall turkeys! Ray spends time teaching you how to make the important calls. Yelping, clucking, putting, and more…

* Perhaps most importantly, Ray teaches you how to imitate gobbler yelping. If there is a secret to killing more turkeys both spring and fall, this is it.

* You’ll also learn exactly how to put emotion into your calling. This is another secret!

* You’ll hear crystal clear recordings of real wild turkeys making the calls that you want to learn to master. You’ll hear turkeys respond to Ray’s calling, as Ray talks over the recordings so you know for sure what you’re listening to. Priceless stuff, captured during actual hunts.

* You’ll learn how to roost turkeys in the fall, something very few hunters do. And – horrors! – Ray teaches you how to call to turkeys while they’re on their way to roost and in the roost. This is the secret to choosing a high-percentage setup location for the next morning.

* For fans of scatter and recall, Ray and Rob Keck take you on a hunt in Kansas where they do just that, with great success.

* If you want to target mature fall gobblers, you’ll learn every secret you need to start doing it yourself. You’ll hear whole hunts, including Mark Strand shooting his first fall gobbler, and a retro flintlock fall gobbler hunt with our friend Gary Johnson. Wait ‘till you hear that one.

Entertaining, instructional, and fun, and we top it off with a big scoop of Storytime with Uncle Ray: if fall turkey hunting were a battlefield. Classic stuff.

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