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Starting with a class that will help anyone learn to consistently call and kill spring gobblers, we are creating online classes that bring Eyes on the Outdoors to you, no matter where you live. Anywhere and anytime, you get personal guidance from the expert instructors at Johnson Mountain University and Whitefish Bay University. As you already guessed… “Johnson Mountain” specializes in hunting and shooting classes, and “Whitefish Bay” specializes in fishing classes. We love this new technology, because it allows us to reach more people! Click on any of the classes below to learn more about them… Check out the list of available classes… to enroll in any class, just click on the Sign Up button and complete the registration. We’ll see you in class!
Turkey Calling
Calling is Everything!
For only $97, you get LIFETIME access to this ground-breaking class led by Professor Ray Eye. When it comes to turkey hunting success, nothing is more important than knowing how to make realistic sounds with a calling device – AND knowing “when to say what” as you appeal to both hens and gobblers. You won’t get every turkey you try for, but you’ll know what to do from now on!
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